Tysonkaiexperiment (rikusora_chan) wrote,

Slew Of New Icons (PART ONE)

Dead or Alive x 72
Final Fantasy XIII-2 x 32
Final Fantasy Fan Art (XIII/XIII-2/Dissidia) x 100
Katekyo Hitman Reborn Fan Art x 96


To part two of this post!

Dead or Alive
Dead or Alive 5 promo art and screencaps.

Final Fantasy XIII-2
DLC renders and screencaps.

Final Fantasy Fan Art
XIII, XIII-2 & Dissidia.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn Fan Art
A few shounen-ai/yaoi sorted throughout.

Resources are here!
Please credit rikusora_chan if taken or used!
Please no hotlinking!
Textless icons are NOT bases, please do not use unless you ask/I give permission otherwise!
I always take requests, so please feel free to ask!
Tags: character: aerith/aeris gainsborough, character: ayane, character: bartz, character: basil, character: bayman, character: belphegor, character: byakuran, character: caius (ffxiii-2), character: christie, character: chrome dokuro, character: enma kozato, character: fran, character: haru, character: hayate, character: hayato gokudera, character: hitomi, character: hope estheim, character: i-pin, character: irie shouichi, character: kain, character: kasumi, character: kyoko sasagawa, character: kyoya hibari, character: laguna loire, character: lambo, character: leviathan (khr), character: lightning eclair farron, character: lussuria, character: mammon, character: moogle, character: noel kreiss, character: nuts, character: prishe, character: reborn, character: rinoa heartily, character: rokudo mukuro, character: ryohei sasagawa, character: ryu hyabusa, character: serah farron, character: snow villers, character: spanner, character: squall leonhart, character: squalo superbi, character: tidus, character: tifa lockhart, character: tsunayoshi sawada, character: uni, character: vaan, character: xanxus, character: yeul (ffxiii-2), character: yuna, character: zidane tribal, graphics: icons, series: dead or alive, series: final fantasy 13, series: final fantasy dissidia, series: final fantasy xiii-2, series: katekyo hitman reborn, type: shounen-ai/yaoi
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