Tysonkaiexperiment (rikusora_chan) wrote,

Icons (Mostly Nu'est)

Nu'est x 180
SHINee x 52
Tarja Turunen x 25
Dead or Alive 5 x 80
Square Enix Fanart (KH3D+Dissidia/Mixed FF) x 60




Tarja Turunen

Dead or Alive 5

Square Enix Fan Art
The World Ends With You, Kingdom Hearts 3D, Dissidia and mixed Final Fantasy fanarts.

Resources are here!
Please credit rikusora_chan if taken or used!
Please no hotlinking!
Textless icons are NOT bases, please do not use unless you ask/I give permission otherwise!
I always take requests, so please feel free to ask!
Tags: band: nu'est, band: shinee, character: aerith/aeris gainsborough, character: akira (virtua fighter), character: ayane (dead or alive), character: bartz, character: bass (dead or alive), character: christie (dead or alive), character: cloud strife, character: daisukenojo beat bito, character: hitomi, character: irvine kenneas, character: jann lee, character: kairi, character: kasumi (dead or alive), character: kokoro, character: laguna loire, character: lei fang, character: lisa (dead or alive), character: namine, character: neku sakaraba, character: riku, character: rinoa heartily, character: roxas, character: selphie tilmitt, character: shiki masaki, character: sho minamoto, character: sora (kingdom hearts), character: squall leonhart, character: terra branford, character: tidus, character: tifa lockhart, character: tina (dead or alive), character: ventus, character: xion, character: yoshiya joshua kiryu, character: yuffie, character: yuna, character: zack (dead or alive), character: zack fair, character: zidane tribal, graphics: icons, person: choi "ren" minki, person: choi minho, person: hwang minhyun, person: kang "baekho" dongho, person: kim "jr" jonghyun, person: kim "key" kibum, person: kim jonghyun, person: kwak "aron" young min, person: lee "onew" jinki, person: lee taemin, person: tarja turunen, series: dead or alive, series: final fantasy 10/10-2, series: final fantasy 7, series: final fantasy 8, series: final fantasy 9, series: final fantasy dissidia, series: kingdom hearts, series: kpop, series: the world ends with you
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